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Moving Office

Our Number 1 Focus at Alpha Comms is to Take All The Stress Away from Moving Office

We can take care of;

  • Moving your main advertised number to any suburb
  • Moving your phone system
  • Upgrading your phone system
  • Installing Computer network cabling and phone outlets
  • Alarm/back-to-base and surveillance systems
  • Door buzzes and intercoms
  • Voice over internet solutions – showing you ways to save money

If you’re thinking about moving your business, call now on (02) 9674 1111 and we can immediately organise a Free Site Inspection and give you a Fixed Price to move your telecommunications systems. We can also give you Free Advice on Ways to improve your efficiency, and most importantly – Save You Money On Your Phone Bills!!

Moving your office is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your current telecommunications systems. You may not realise it, but an outdated phone system set-up can actually cost your business in excess of $1200 per year!!

Should you move your current telecommunications systems or upgrade to the latest technologies that offer more capabilities? If your telephone system is four years old or more, it may be worth considering additional benefits gained from the latest technologies.

Features that used to be very costly are now very affordable for small businesses, some of which Alpha Comms Offers Exclusively to Customers Absolutely Free!

Technologies to consider include voicemail to email (sends voicemail messages as to your email as audio files), caller ID sent from all your phone lines and door phones, a device that allows you to lock/unlock front door from your phone.

So whether you decide to move your existing system or upgrade technology, it is worth evaluating whether there is anything out there that can Improve Your Business and Put More Money Back In Your Pocket.

Call Paul or Kristen on (02) 9674 1111, or contact us online for advice on moving your office or to arrange a free site inspection. Also ask for your copy of our FREE guide – “The 7 Things You Need To Know Moving Your Office.”

Alpha Comm's tips for moving your office

Moving your office can be a stressful experience, and there’s so much to worry about.

Never fear, Alpha Comms can help! See our four tips below to make your life easier:

Want to Keep Your Main Advertised Phone Number?

For many businesses, moving office is considered to be nearly as painful as root canal surgery. Ooouch!!

The biggest headache is the inability to take your main advertised phone number with you. If you are moving to a suburb within a different exchange, this is simply not possible. Having to change the phone number which all your customers know, means having to change all your advertising material, business cards, website, social media pages…the list goes on!

More importantly, you run the risk of losing customers who can’t get through on the phone number they know.

There is the option of a permanent call diversion, but the cost of this will burn through your profits faster than you can say “TELSTRA RAGE!”

 Want The Good News??

There IS A Now A Way You Can Keep Your Number and Avoid All This Stress and Expense. The Answer is Alpha Comms Voice Over IP.

Voice Over IP allows you to Keep Your Main Phone Number and take it with you – anywhere in Australia. From Artarmon to Airlie Beach, if you can get an internet connection there, your phone number can go with you.

This means:

1. You don’t lose customers.

2. You don’t have the added expense of changing all your advertising material.

3. No expensive call diversion charges.


How Far in Advance Do I Need To Order a Phone Line and ADSL?

Minimum 14 days for new phone line and ADSL connections.

We recommend allowing 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I Connect My Existing Phone System to Voice Over IP?

We are very happy to say, YES!

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest companies out there who are selling very expensive equipment to businesses, which is completely and utterly unnecessary.

Our plea to you is DON’T GET RIPPED OFF!!!

You do not need to go to the expense of upgrading your entire phone system. We can connect you to Voice Over IP simply by installing a small gateway device to your existing phone system.


Would You Like Us To Be Your Telstra Angel?

Does the idea of spending hours on the phone to an overseas call centre, waiting on hold, having to repeat your order to 3 or 4 to different operators, sound like fun to you??

I didn’t think so.

Or finding out on your moving day that there is no record of your phone line or ADSL order in the Telco giants system and now you’re going to have to operate your business for 3 weeks with phone or internet??

SAVE YOURSELF!! This kind of torture need not happen!

As Telstra dealers, we can organise any new line or ADSL connections for YOU, on your behalf.

This means, you do not have to make a single call to Telstra. You can keep your sanity and spend your time on more important things.


There are people claiming to to be from a company called the
"Alpha Comm Group" calling and harassing people.

They allegedly call from a private number, have Indian accents and are calling people MANY times a day, harassing and bullying them.

They have no link whatsoever to us, Alpha Comms Pty Ltd, the family-owned business which has been operating since 1988.

We have complained to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, and if you have been contacted by this scam we encourage you to do the same. You can contact the TIO through their website or by calling 1800 062 058.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to get to the bottom of this soon.

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