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Since 2006, we have run an office phone technology business based in Sydney. In that time, we’ve had the great privilege of helping thousands of small businesses around Australia. Many of whom tell us they feel like they’re being held hostage by their phone providers because they get slugged with exorbitant plans and out-of-date, obsolete products. Not to mention terrible customer service to boot! We Are All About the Complete Opposite.

Plug-and-Play Phone Handsets

We provide everything you need to self-install your new phone system. We’re all about efficiency and excellence.

100% Remotely Managed from Sydney CBD

We are the experts in both phone systems and VoIP, having been leaders in the industry since 2006.

Power, Freedom and Flexibility

Our mission is to connect clients with the technology that will improve their business operations and make their lives better.

Let’s Be Straight. There is No Such Thing as a "Normal" Office Workplace Anymore.

We love to make the impossible possible, to complement the varying ways “workplaces” now function. As a result, our Self-Install Cloud PBX is Pure Genius in its simplicity and functionality. And it is revolutionising the workplace as we know it.

  • Plug-and-Play Phone Handsets means your phone system can be up in minutes.

  • No installation fees. No contracts. No call centres.

  • Giving businesses back their Power, Freedom AND Flexibility.

  • We've been obsessed with VoIP and Cloud PBX technology for the past 11 years.

  • Seamlessly lead your business into the digital age.

It is our mission to give businesses back their Power and Freedom AND Flexibility by connecting them with the technology that will improve their business operations and make their lives better. We’re all about efficiency and excellence. For 11 years we have been obsessed with VoIP and Cloud PBX technology. Our passion is sharing that knowledge and experience with other businesses to improve their day-to-day operations. We have tried and tested it ALL and would love to share with you all the advise, tips and strategies that we have fine-tuned over the last 11 years to seamlessly lead your business into the digital age. Check out our video at the top of the page to discover how our Cloud PBX can help you. If you would like help to improve and simplify your office phone systems, we’re ready to talk.

We are a small business so bottom line is very important. Alpha Comms put together a communications package to suit our business. They listened to what we had to say and gave us a simple response. It’s amazing the decrease we are already seeing in our phone costs.

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